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This machine is running a Half-Life server. Look for it in the Steam server list; it is called "Alien Base" . Or add the server to your list as


The server has a maximum of five players and I'm running small-size maps, so the gameplay should be smooth and challenging. If you kill The.Flu, that's me...

The maps that rotate in the play list can be downloaded from this page, in case they are not part of the standard Half-Life installation. I must confess, the only Valve level included is crossfire because I like it very much.
You better avoid downloading new maps inside your Half-Life deathmatch games because that's much slower than a regular http download! Even worse, it spoils the fun because you want to start the fight as soon as the server starts a new map, and not have to wait for the map to arrive at your PC, right?

Please let me know what you think of this maplist! Suggestions are welcome, mail them to The.Flu.

A single ZIP file with all the maps in the mapcycle can be downloaded here: mapcycle.zip. This ZIP is about 2.5 MB in size. If you just want a single map, look for an URL below.

Here follows the list of maps that cycle on Eindhoven Aliens :



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